Black Hills Wolves

Following the release of  A Mate's Healing Touch  in December 2015 and the second in the Burrows family stories - A Mate's Redeeming Touch  in March 2016, a new member of the Burrows clan has now arrived in town.  

Mating Dance released in June 2016 and saw Sander Burrows (uncle to Caleb, Caitlyn and Connor) return to Los Lobos after a thirty-five year absence. Aurora 'Rory' Hanson doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at the news. I have also recently received a contract for A Mate's Forgiving Touch for the third sibling Connor and his HEA, Bailey. ​

Wiccan Haus

Soul of Flame  released on 10th June 2016. I have another story in edits - Renewed Spirits ​which is slated for a Summer 2016 release.

Hot Moon Rising
Things are developing thick and fast. I am delighted to announce that Decadent Publishing have contracted two books for this series. 
Silver Moon  Released 31 May 2016 - Silver Ellis is a sweet, shy human whose life changes forever when fate throws her into the arms of big, bad wolf Kirk Matheson.

Hunger Moon available for pre-order and releases 12 July 2016 ​Belinda Thomas is the omega for the Moonlight pack. When charming Troy Lansing walks into town she must use her abilities to decide whether the arrival of her fated mate is the best or worst thing to ever happen to her and her pack. 

Merryn Dexter - Romance Author 

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