This title was previously released as part of the Curved Lines Collection.

Aubrey Jensen finds growing up means making choices to please herself, even if it puts her in conflict with her family. Her sister’s impending wedding forces her to look at what she is doing with her own life – not much. When opportunity knocks (boots!) in the form of a sexy, inked bad-boy she can’t believe her luck. 

Aubrey is all curves and sweet sass – a combination Garrett Chase, the owner of her regular hangout spot is dying to get his hands on. She’s exactly what he wants in life – so why is everything suddenly going to hell? 

Sometimes getting what you want, doesn’t give you what you need. To compromise or demand your worth? To turn away or bare your scars? Decisions, decisions…. 

Pressing her cheek against the soft cotton of his shirt, she listened to the steady thump of his heart beneath her ear. The reassuring rhythm lulled her, and she squeezed her eyes shut tight, pushing away everything but the feel of the man wrapped around her. Taking a breath, she paused, swallowed down the wavering sensation that threatened to overtake her and tried again. He smelled of citrus and something darker. Turning her head to chase the scent, she nuzzled the bare skin at the neck of his shirt and drew another, calmer breath. Cedar wood; warm and spicy. His fingers stopped tracing gentle patterns over her back and flexed, urging her closer.

A sharp pair of heels clacked on the tile in the corridor, and Garrett eased them further into the shadows until the cool metal of a fire door pressed into her back. Her heart raced at the realization of how close they were to the busy bar. They weren’t doing anything wrong, but a frisson of excitement whispered up her spine. She held her breath, but the steps didn’t pause, their sound fading behind the creak and click of the bathroom door.

Aubrey tilted her head back to stare up into his brilliant blue eyes. Even in heels, she was a good half-foot shorter than him. His height, together with the impressive breadth of his shoulders, made her feel delicate in comparison. A shadow of stubble darkened his jaw. It scraped her cheek, as he lowered his face and pressed it into the point where her collarbone met her shoulder. Surprisingly soft lips skimmed back and forth. “I’ve wanted to taste you for so fucking long, Aubrey,” he muttered into her skin. The heat of his words and their ambiguous meaning turned her liquid. Heavy footsteps sounded on the tile, and she bit back a little growl of annoyance. Why couldn’t everyone disappear and leave them in peace? Garrett, not seeming the least bit bothered, feathered kisses along the bare expanse of her throat, and she forgot everything but the hot trail of his mouth.

“I can’t find her.” Her sister’s voice pierced the haze of desire, and Aubrey ducked further behind Garrett’s broad body, burying her face into his shoulder.

“She must have gone already. Come on.” Brock’s impatient words faded, and she held her breath as she listened to her sister clack after him. Heart racing, she didn’t register the four rapid beeps close to her ear until the door at her back gave way and she staggered into empty space. A steadying hand caught her, and she found herself pressed into a cool plaster wall. The door clicked shut, plunging them into complete darkness. The callused skin of his fingertips skimmed down her arms, raising a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Hot hands grasped hers, lifting them above her head until they were pinned against the wall. The motion arched her back, pressing her breasts more firmly against his chest. A brief flash of doubt faded quickly, as his hot breath skimmed her cheek. She wanted this.

Giving herself over to the moment, Aubrey became a creature of need and hunger.

Pretty in Ink

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